About Matty Harper

This Is Matty Harper

I’ve been taking things apart for as long as I can remember. I’ve been creating for almost as long as I have been taking things apart. I still do both, and find that they continue to inform one another in magical, often unexpected ways.

In 1992 I started my career in commercial arts, working for pats on the back, twenty buck paychecks, or cigarettes. Forging a document, doing a rudimentary branding project, or a church program cover for a congregation I was not a part were all ways of learning the tools and traditions of my craft. Now almost twenty years later I consider myself a creative director; having worked as an interface designer for what was then called a ‘multimedia agency,’ co-founding a design agency, working as an art director and then creative director at an advertising agency that I still consider family, and designing a line of designer plush toys called, Dreamlets.

Currently I try to take three to four large-scale creative-direction or branding jobs a year and spend the rest of my time conjuring up fascinating projects, small and large in order to continue my education.

This Is Matty Harper Dot Com

This site is really here for me, not that I don’t love that you are here, I do, stay here, I love it. For me mattyharper.com allows my concepts to receive a different kind of power by publishing them so that anyone has the opportunity to see them. For the most part the experiments, works, or bloggy type posts on this site are not of my commercial work, this is not a rule, just a guideline. My commercial work is generally published in one form or another so putting it here seems a little redundant.

I have not tested this site very extensively, so it may not play well with certain browsers. I feel pretty good about how it looks and acts in the recent versions of Google Chrome and Safari, as I am pretty sure that it acts a little buggy in Internet Explorer, though it seems that few sites can get around that completely. If you have problems with it, feel free to contact me but remember that the site is primarily for me and I might take bug reports with a grain of salt.

This Is A Paragraph About Contacting Matty Harper

I really enjoy contact, yet sometimes I’m not great about getting around to writing people back. That is not meant to dissuade you at all. Please email me and/or be my friend or just spy on me on Facebook. I’d love to hear anything you are thinking, so think it, write it, tell me, I want to know.