I've always loved the designer and director, Mike Mills. I recently saw his newest movie, ‘Beginners’ and it reengaged me in his work and made me think about what he does so well, telling an enormous story, that is mostly embellished by the viewer, with a few words and a simple illustration. So I'm stealing, sort of. But I've had some things bouncing around in my head, they needed an outlet and I couldn't think of a better format. Thank you Mike Mills.

Paul Simon

Last night I was blessed to be invited to see Paul Simon perform at Showbox Market. Everything about his performance was beautiful and inspiring. I took a few images with my friend's camera. Thank you Hollis Nelson for lending me your camera. And thank you Holly Hinton, without you there would be no Paul Simon.

West Coast Road Trip

My good friend Amanda Kitchings, her two kids, and I just made our way up the coast.

Philana Goodrich Posters

Philana traded me a beautiful haircut for some design and illustration.

Bic Lighters Campaign

One day about a year ago I picked up a Bic lighter, a brown Bic lighter to be exact. I had never seen this color but it occurred to me that there was always some new color. I started to want to try to find all the Bic colors and collect them. I thought better and decided to create an ad campaign instead. Enjoy.

Matty Harper Dot Com 2011 Title Card

2011 different colored dots. Love, Me.

Violet & Matty Collaboration

Violet, a 2 year-old, and I had an hour or so on the Wacom tablet with Photoshop.

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